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The Day I Lost my Phone in Recycling

This is a post I made on Facebook in 2014, detailing how I lost my phone in the recycling the day I went to Peru for a clinical rotation in graduate school.

So this morning, I took my recycling out to the recycling dumpster. This container is probably about a foot deep, a foot wide, and maybe 2 and 1/2 feet long. I got to the dumpster and saw that the lids were closed. Now, when I take my recycling out and see the lids closed, I know that I can manage on my own to successfully empty my container of recycling because I have done so in the past. However, each time I am never quite sure how I have managed in the past nor will manage at present. So, I manage to lift the lid, get the tub of recycling to the edge of the dumpster, and proceed to dump in my recycling. Next thing I know, my recycling tub is in the dumpster along with the cardboard boxes and plastic jugs. I survey the situation and realize I have to retrieve my recycling tub and by myself. So I proceed to step on the metal part on the side of the dumpster that allows garbage trucks to empty them, and successfully sit on the edge of the dumpster. I then manage to grab and lift the tub with my feet to my hands. After dropping the tub on the ground I then climb down from the dumpster. I then proceed to check my mail. While walking across the parking lot towards my apartment, I then realize that my cell phone which was in my back pocket is gone. So, I go back to the recycling dumpster and look in. Sure enough, my cell phone is in the dumpster on the floor. So, I throw my recycling tub back into the dumpster, climb in myself, and retrieve my phone. Then I stand on my tub so I can sit on the edge of the dumpster and once again extract my recycling tub from the dumpster. What a start to this morning and this crazy day.

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