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Hospitality to Jehovah Witnesses?!

Shortly after I moved to this small, rural North central Ohio town, I answered a knock on my door. It was two Jehovah Witness ladies. They were very pleasant and we got to know each other for a few minutes as we conversed. From then on, every little bit I would see they left a tract or pamphlet if I happened to be away the weekend they came to visit. Infrequently over the months, they would come on a Saturday that I was home. Each time they would come, I would talk with them. This was a challenge at times as my dog wanted to be the center of attention. They did not forget him as they usually brought him a treat and one lady paid attention to him as the other lady talked with me. Over the two and a half years or so that they came, I always marveled that they came back. Each time they did, I felt so clearly impressed upon me by the Lord to offer them hospitality. My heart longed to offer them more than an open door, a smile, and a few minutes of conversation (which I always tried to turn into a conversation rather than feel like I was being quizzed). Finally, spring 2018, we exchanged phone numbers and I invited them into my apartment for tea.

They turned the tea down which disappointed me but we had a much longer and more in depth conversation...And I have found a tract on my door here and there ever since.

*Update: The one lady came back this past weekend and brought her husband with her. My dog really wanted to greet them and love them exuberantly. I still feel the call to offer them hospitality but feel uncertain how to continue to have a relationship with them as I am not converting to their religion and they are not converting to a Protestant/Evangelical type of Christianity. I trust the Lord will lead.

What times have you been called upon to offer hospitality? Were you obedient? Was it easy? Comfortable?

(The post contains affiliate links. If you use them, I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. I love black tea, especially for breakfast with a little bit of local honey and a splash of milk.)

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