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Lily Pad

Today I would like to share how I came up with the name "Down at the Lily Pad". My first year as a Speech Language Pathologist (speech therapist) working with preschoolers (children 3 to 5 years old), I had a group of 3 precocious 5 year old little girls. As you can imagine, they gave me a run for my money. Well, they were the ones who came up with the name. Instead of calling me "Miss Lily" as everyone else did, they quickly started calling "Miss Lily Pad" all on their own. I thought it was adorable and shared this with the young adult small group (Bible study) I was attending. One of the ladies from the group started calling me "Lily Pad" and, although it was not as cute as my preschoolers calling me that, I did appreciate how special it made me feel.

I decided to host a game night at my apartment for my small group one night during the summer. I got the idea of having a sign made for my apartment that said "Welcome to Lily's Pad". It not only embraced the nickname "Lily Pad" but it also played on the phrase and idea of a "bachelor pad". My dad was very gracious and made the sign using a Cricket and card stock. It was fun to welcome people to my "pad" for the evening.

When I was brainstorming ideas for this blog, I quickly determined that I wanted to continue to embrace this nickname and idea as well as capitalize on the unique twist. Thus, "Down at the Lily Pad" was born.

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