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A Mother's Benediction

When I was planning what order posts should go in, I had not originally thought about Mother's Day and doing a post to go along with that holiday. However, the Lord had it covered as this post, which I originally planned to post this week, is very appropriate. I hope that you are able to catch a glimpse into the beautiful, strong, wise, and faithful woman that my mom is.

Some churches still say a benediction at the end of their worship service, such as the Methodists. A benediction, according to, is “the invocation of a blessing, something that promotes goodness or well-being.” Even though I have heard numerous ones over the years, it was not until about four years ago that I gained a better understanding of what it really is. I really noticed it when I lived in Virginia. Before departing my parents’ home at the end of a visit, my mom would put her hand on my head and say “The Lord bless you and keep you. May He make His face shine upon you. May He give you peace and joy.” Or some similar variation. I have come to appreciate this send-off and I miss it when she is sleeping and unable to see me on my way. You see, my parents’ home will always be my home in a way. However, I have my own home now. I live in Ohio again and have been for the last couple of years. I have my own place in this world - my own work, my own apartment and pets, my own church, and my own town. So, off I go with the Lord to do His bidding.

In West Virginia on my way to Virginia

What about you, friend? When and how have you been sent out into the world to do the Lord’s work?

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