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I am busy!

We are all busy!

Over the last couple of months, I have had a discussion with a family member concerning my schedule. I understood this individual to imply that I would call only when I had free time and was not busy. It has been solely my responsibility to call as this individual will rarely call me since I am perceived to be “busy” and this individual does not want to disturb me. This is my perspective at any rate. However, there are certain times of the day that I know it does not suit this individual for me to call during - rest time, preparing supper, eating supper, etc. There have been times that I have called and the answering machine has picked up or the individual only had a few minutes to talk before needing to tend to other tasks. I deduce that I am not the only one that is “busy” in this relationship.

We are all busy doing life, no matter what your relationship status is. Some of us are, no doubt, busier than others. The experiences I have had in life have led me to the conclusion that no matter how busy we are, we all spend our time and energy on what is important to us. Sometimes this is a conscious decision and sometimes it is easier to make decisions as to how to spend our time and energy.

Over the last couple of weeks, keeping all of the above in mind, I am making a conscious decision and effort to not respond to the question “How are you?” with the reply “Busy!” I have a few friends that know when I ask “How are you?” it is permission for them to share whatever they would like with me. A pat answer is not acceptable unless they truly are fine or good. I have a Friend that when asked this question, almost always responds, “Blessed and thankful.” When asked this question, I want to answer honestly. I have not decided on answers such as “Peaceful” and “Joyful”, although I like them. I have considered answers such as “I’m grateful it is sunny today.”, “I’m enjoying the fall weather.” and “I’m glad to be at the Pumpkin Festival again this year.”

What are your thoughts about being “busy”? How do you answer the question “How are you?”

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